Forests in a Market Economy (Introduction and Table of Contents)

Sills, Erin O. and Karen Lee Abt

This book demonstrates how economic principles can be used to analyze forest policy issues across existing and developing market economies. The majority of the chapters address timber production and timber markets, primarily from private forest lands. However, policy makers and forest owners are increasingly concerned with a wide range of forest outputs, including ecosystem services, amenities, recreation, and fuelwood, as well as timber. While many of these outputs are not traded in formal markets, the chapters in this book demonstrate that the market paradigm is a useful framework for examining the behavior and values of forest owners and users. Market concepts can be applied broadly to improve our understanding of public policy in the contentious arena of forest management.

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Citation: Sills, E.O. and K.L. Abt. 2003. Introduction. Pages 1-7 In: E.O. Sills and K.L. Abt (eds). Forests in a Market Economy. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston. 379 pages.

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