Community support organizations and community-based forest management in the Philippines

Donoghue, E. M.

Community-based forest management is a strategy being adopted by many governments in developing countries. One objective is to enhance local control of, and benefits from, local resources. Another goal is to provide some form of management on national or state forestlands and curb the destructive effects of an 'open access' system. By transferring responsibilities to the community group, this govenmental stategy, in effect, reduces the role and impact of the government as a resource manager. Community-based forest management success is highly dependent on the bahavior of the community members. Certain non-government and government organizations are considered "community support organizations" because of their roles in providing assistance and influencing the behavior of community groups. Five community forestry sites in the Philippines were examined in this research. The focus was on assistance the community groups received from support organizations in developing skills and abilities in forest management. The support organizations were examined in terms of their ability to provide services, use participatory methods, and build the capacity of the community group. The findings suggest that community groups were in need of much greater levels of assistance to develop collective interests in the resource and build the capacity to implement programmatic requirements in a long-term and sustainable method. Further simplifications of programmatic rules and requirements are recommended, with particular emphasis on finding ways to best meet community needs. One way for the government to influence the outcomes of this resource management strategy is to provide more incentives for field-level officials to interact and assist community groups in community-based natural resource management.

Fiscal Year: fy99 ·  Problem Area: pa98-5 ·  Source: extra   <== Explain

Citation: Donoghue, E. M. 1999. Community support organizations and community-based forest management in the Philippines. NC State University

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