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Ecological Units of the Eastern United States: First Approximation

James E. Keys, Jr.; Constance A. Carpenter; Susan L. Hooks; Frank G. Koenig W. Henry McNab; Walter E. Russell; Marie-Louis Smith

The following datasets were published in 1995 on CD-ROM by the USDA Forest Service and have been superceded by a 2007 version of ecoregions. Users are urged to use the newer version. However, the 1995 version is provided here in the event that the older version is needed to recreate analyses conducted using the older definitions. The original 1995 CD-ROM also contained another 65 MB of high resolution TIFF images. Aside from these images, the contents of the original CD-ROM are all available here.

Check out the USDA Forest Service's Ecoregions page for more information on ecoregions.

modified: 18-SEP-2006
created by: John Pye
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