Data and Tools

This section of our site offers the building blocks of our research, the data and models we use to test hypotheses rather than the more refined results reported under our Publications section. These materials are intended to fuel additional investigations by others, we hope you find them useful. Each dataset includes a description of its meaning, scope, and quality but users are encouraged to check with the listed references or contacts to ensure the data are used properly.

Objects Described Format and Size Spatial Scale Temporal Scale
Timber Products Output Studies Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) conducts Timber Products Output (TPO) studies to estimate industrial and non-industrial uses of roundwood across the United States. Primary wood-using mills are sampled, by state, to estimate roundwood usage.
Economic Impacts of Wood Related Sectors HTML by Southern state plus Southwide and National annual (2010)
Financial Incentive Programs for NIPF Owners HTML Nationwide by state one observation, current
Southern Pine Beetle Outbreak and Damages Data HTML Southwide by state and county 1960 to 2004
Timber, stumpage and delivered log prices by State on different web sites HTML continental U.S. by State quarterly to annual over various lengths of time
Acreage by broad forest type, and for pine plantations by ownership DBF 364 KB,
CSV 135 KB
county resolution, Southwide 2-3 survey cycles 1972-1995
Timber Mart South conversion weights to adjust for altered reporting regions over time Excel95 49 KB,
2-3 TMS reporting units per State, Southwide single set of weights applicable to monthly or quarterly prices 1976-1991
Keys 1995 First Approximation
GIS coverages and descriptive tabular information on ecozones of the Eastern U.S.
Zip files of shapefiles and Arc coverages from Keys, Carpenter, Hooks and others. 1995. Ecological Units of the Eastern United States: First Approximation. CD-ROM. USDA Forest Service. Eastern United States one observation but based on long term climate and vegetation types