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What Is Climate Change?

Over the past 100 years, the global climate has been changing, primarily because of the large amounts of carbon dioxide released through burning fossil fuels. Forests affect climate because trees absorb carbon dioxide and store large quantities of carbon; they also produce large quantities of oxygen as a byproduct. For more in-depth information about this, be sure to check out the Natural IQ: Investigating Questions about Nature (a middle school science education journal) magazine related to it here.

Climate change will affect southern forests in many ways:


Extreme Weather:

More droughts, strong storms, and hotter summer days in the southeastern United States.

Changing Water Availability:

More frequent heat waves and droughts will have a direct impact on water supplies. Dry lake with very low water

Changes in Forest Habitat:

Warmer temperatures and changes in precipitation can directly affect all kinds of wildlife - birds, fish, bears, and even insects.

Longer Wildfire Season:

Climate change may cause wildfires to become more frequent and severe.