Ball Creek Road (FS 83) and Shope Fork Road (FS 751) are currently CLOSED.
Western North Carolina Hunting Seasons - Macon County, NC
Deer Season - 2019
Archery September 07 – September 29
  October 13 – November 24
  December 15 – January 01 (2020)
Black powder September 30 – October 12
Gun November 25 – December 14
Bear Season - 2019
  October 14 – November 23
  December 16 – January 01 (2020)
Turkey Season - 2020
  April 04 – May 9
Feral Hog and Other Small Game
  year round

See the NCDNR web site for specific species and dates

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Where Does the Rain Go?

Millions of people depend on the forests of the Southern Appalachian Mountains for drinking water. As climate, land use, and land cover changes alter the forest structure in these mountains, they also alter water budgets. “The Southern Appalachian Mountains are a humid montane environment – they are essentially a cooler version of the tropics,” explains USDA Forest Service project leader and research ecologist Chelcy Miniat. “With so much rain coming in, it is important to understand how the forests use the water, especially when the remainder becomes the South’s drinking water supply.”

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