Longleaf Pine on the Santee Experimental Forest

In 1989, South Carolina’s Francis Marion National Forest lost close to a third of its pine and hardwood trees to Hurricane Hugo. USDA Forest Service land managers have spent the last thirty years recovering from that disturbance and working to meet the state’s growing needs for clean water, forest products, recreation areas, and wildlife habitat.…  More 

Bringing Fire Back to the Kisatchie Sandstone Hills

The hillside bogs, sandstone glades, and woodlands of the Kisatchie Sandstone Hills in Louisiana are potential homes to a number of rare and endangered animals such as the red-cockaded woodpecker and the Louisiana pine snake. However, in much of the Kisatchie Hills, the open woodlands these animals need have vanished amid a dense midstory of…  More 

Agencies Join Forces to Host Red-cockaded Woodpecker Short Course

This spring, U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station wildlife biologist Cory Adams joined forces with Cliff Shackelford  from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and Robert Allen from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to teach 16 individuals from 5 consulting firms about the red-cockaded woodpecker, a federally listed endangered species found in fire-maintained mature pine…  More