Bottomland Hardwood Restoration – What Happens Belowground?

If something looks like a forest, does it act like a forest? U.S. Forest Service research ecologist Mac Callaham, along with several colleagues, asked that question about bottomland hardwoods in west-central Mississippi. “Back in the late 1960s, there was a soybean boom, and a lot of bottomland forests were cleared for farming,” says Callaham. However,…  More 

Can Pondberry Make a Comeback?

Pondberry is a rare shrub that grows in floodplain forests of the southeastern United States. Since 1986, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has listed pondberry as an endangered species, and it is protected by the Endangered Species Act. Because of this, one of the largest remaining pondberry colonies, which grows in the Lower Mississippi…  More 

Reforestation in Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley Can Reduce Sediment Runoff

A modeling study by U.S. Forest Service researchers shows that reforesting the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley can significantly reduce runoff from agricultural lands and the amount of sediment entering the area’s rivers and streams—and ultimately the Gulf of Mexico. The journal Ecological Engineering recently published the results of the study by Forest Service Southern Research…  More