Pondberry Seed Fate: Animal Dispersers, Animal Predators

Although pondberry can still be found in nine southern states, it is vanishingly rare. “Pondberry is an endangered species,” says Andreza Martins. “In most states, only one or two populations of the shrub are known to exist.” Currently a forest engineer in Brazil, Martins interned at the U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station (SRS) in 2005…  More 

Can Pondberry Make a Comeback?

Pondberry is a rare shrub that grows in floodplain forests of the southeastern United States. Since 1986, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has listed pondberry as an endangered species, and it is protected by the Endangered Species Act. Because of this, one of the largest remaining pondberry colonies, which grows in the Lower Mississippi…  More 

Moving Harper’s Beauty Off Road

The first week of March found a team of plant biologists down on their knees in a highway right-of-way in the Florida Panhandle, searching for Harper’s beauty, one of Florida’s rarest native plants. A perennial lily with a solitary yellow flower and iris-like leaves, Harper’s beauty (Harperocallis flava) is listed as federally endangered and found…  More