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Compass July 2006
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Compass is a quarterly publication of the USDA Forest Service's Southern Research Station (SRS). As part of the Nation's largest forestry research organization -- USDA Forest Service Research and Development -- SRS serves 13 Southern States and beyond. The Station's 130 scienists work in more than 20 units located across the region at Federal laboratories, universites, and experimental forests.

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Issue 6

Afforestation vs. Reforestation

The terms used to talk about forest reestablishment can sound similar but have very different specific meanings—yet they’re often bandied about interchangeably. To make sure we’re all speaking the same language, here’s a glossary:

Afforestation is the establishment of a forest or stand in an area where the preceding vegetation or land use was not a forest.

Reforestation is the reestablishment of forest cover, either naturally or artificially, that usually maintains the same forest type and is done promptly after the previous stand or forest was removed.

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Photo of Eastern cottonwood
Experimental plot of cottonwoods at the Sharkey Research and Demonstration Site in Sharkey County, MS
(Photo by Melissa Carlson)

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