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Compass Fall 2005
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Compass is a quarterly publication of the USDA Forest Service's Southern Research Station (SRS). As part of the Nation's largest forestry research organization -- USDA Forest Service Research and Development -- SRS serves 13 Southern States and beyond. The Station's 130 scienists work in more than 20 units located across the region at Federal laboratories, universites, and experimental forests.

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Issue 5

Major Threats to Water Quality

Nutrients Nitrates from sewage and fertilizers, phosphates from detergents and fertilizers
Sediment From agricultural fields, construction and logging sites, urban areas, stripmined land, and eroded stream banks
Bacteria Carried in inadequately treated sewage and from storm water drains, septic systems, livestock pen runoff, and sewage dumped from boats
Organic materials From sewage, leaves, grass clippings, and runoff from livestock pens and pastures
Metals From industrial discharges and in runoff from roads and urban streets, mining activities, and landfills
Pesticides and herbicides From agricultural fields, lawns, termite control, and golf courses

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Photo showing Lake Eaton on the Ocala National Forest in FL
Lake Eaton on the Ocala National Forest in Florida.
(Photo by Bill Lea)

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