Coastal Plain Forests: The Next 50 Years

What will our Southern coastal forests look like in 50 years? With a myriad of factors involved—including climate change, population growth, economic outlooks, and more—it’s not a simple question. However, forest researchers have provided what they believe is a comprehensive answer to that question in the new general technical report Outlook for Coastal Plain Forests. The…  More 

The Olustee Experimental Forest

The 3,135-acre Olustee Experimental Forest (Olustee), located in northeast Florida was established in 1931. Part of the Osceola National Forest, the experimental forest served as the primary study site for a number of U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station (SRS) units for almost 60 years. In the beginning, research on the Olustee focused mostly on…  More 

To Plant a Billion Pine Seeds: Reforestation in the South

In the early 20th century, steam-powered logging equipment came to the longleaf pine forests of the Coastal Plain, and the “golden age of lumbering” began.  When the sawdust settled, millions of acres in the region – especially along the Western Gulf Coast – were barren. “In many areas, the harvest was so complete that no…  More 

2014 a Bumper Year for Longleaf Pine Cone Crops

  Dale Brockway, research ecologist for the U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station (SRS), recently published his yearly summary of projected longleaf pine cone production for 2014 and 2015. The report shows that a very good longleaf pine cone crop is expected in October 2014 for the Southeast. “Our estimates show the 2014 crop averaging…  More 

The Chipola Experimental Forest

Located in the sandhills of the Florida Panhandle, the Chipola Experimental Forest (Chipola) was established in 1952 on privately owned land under a 99-year lease to the Southern Forest Experiment Station (now SRS), International Paper Company, and Hardaway Contracting Company. The two companies requested the cooperative arrangement with the Forest Service to enable research on…  More 

Remembering Bill Boyer, Mr. Longleaf

Dr. William D. (Bill) Boyer, known to many as “Mr. Longleaf,” died on April 13th after a long illness. Boyer’s early research on and advocacy for the Escambia Experimental Forest, his enthusiasm and commitment to long-term studies on establishing longleaf pine, and his leadership in promoting the use of prescribed fire to promote longleaf pine…  More 

Containers and Growing Longleaf Pine

Do the types of container used to grow longleaf pine seedlings really make that much difference? Researchers based in the Pineville, Louisiana, branch of the Southern Research Station (SRS) Restoring and Managing Longleaf Pine Ecosystems unit continue to show that indeed they do. Initiatives interested in restoring longleaf pine across its native range in the…  More 

Reflections on the Southern Forest Futures Project

In 2008, we started the Southern Forest Futures Project with 15 public workshops held in each of the 13 States of our region. In Baton Rouge, Asheville, Stillwater, Charleston, and all the other locations, we discussed and compiled the concerns of more than 700 resource professionals and other interested  citizens regarding the great and vast…  More 

Gibbs Receives Highest Boy Scout Honor

  Hilliard Gibbs, physical scientist with the U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station Restoring Longleaf Pine Ecosystems unit, was recently awarded “The Silver Beaver Award,” the highest council-level service award of the Boy Scouts of America. The Silver Beaver Award is given to those who implement the Scouting program and perform community service through many…  More 

Agencies Join Forces to Host Red-cockaded Woodpecker Short Course

This spring, U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station wildlife biologist Cory Adams joined forces with Cliff Shackelford  from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and Robert Allen from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to teach 16 individuals from 5 consulting firms about the red-cockaded woodpecker, a federally listed endangered species found in fire-maintained mature pine…  More