Freshwater Fishes of North America, Volume 2

Monumental reference series expands

The highly anticipated second volume of Freshwater Fishes of North America was just published by Johns Hopkins University Press. This volume was edited by USDA Forest Service fisheries research scientist Mel Warren and four other editors. Warren also contributed to seven of the book’s 35 chapters.

“We are indebted to a large community of ichthyologists, fisheries biologists, and other workers in related fields who have enabled the synthesis of this technical information in one place,” says Warren.

Following the lead of Volume 1, aptly hailed as a definitive reference in its field, Volume 2 expands the series by 19 families and describes: Characins, North American Catfishes, Sea Catfishes, Seven-finned Catfishes, Smelts, Esocidae, Pikes and Mudminnows, Trout-perches, Cavefishes, Pirate Perches, Cods and Cuskfishes, Mullets, New World Silversides, Needlefishes and Halfbeaks, New World Rivulines, Middle American Killifishes, Goodeids, Topminnows, Pupfishes, and Livebearers.

The book describes the ecology, morphology, reproduction, distribution, behavior, taxonomy, conservation, and the fossil record for each family. Illustrations and graphics include range maps, artistic renderings from noted fish illustrator Joseph Tomelleri, and nearly 250 color photographs.

“The result is a rich textual and visual experience that covers everything known about these families of freshwater fishes,” says Warren.

The books make accessible information that was once confined to only a few specialists. They will likely become the go-to reference for everyone seeking information on North American freshwater fishes.

A third volume will follow. The series will eventually cover all 52 freshwater fish families occurring in Canada, mainland U.S., and Mexico.

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