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Introducing Science Shorts

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Compass was a printed science magazine until 2012, when CompassLive was created. USFS photo.

SRS is adding a new feature to CompassLive: Science Shorts. Science Shorts are 200-word summaries, similar to a news brief, that highlight one or two key findings from a new research paper. They were inspired by The Wildlife Professional’s Science in Short columns.

SRS Science Shorts will not replace the longer CompassLive articles, but their shorter format will allow the SRS science communications team to promote more USDA Forest Service research. SRS scientists are extremely productive, publishing hundreds of peer-reviewed journal articles each year, while writing book chapters, developing tools, leading workshops, and more.

CompassLive has a long history. In 2001, SRS science writer and editor Zoë Hoyle started the print magazine, Compass. For ten years, Compass brought Forest Service research to the mailboxes of scientists, farmers, foresters, managers, students, gardeners, and many others.

But in 2011, the quarterly print edition went the way of many hardcopy publications. Hoyle shepherded SRS science writing into a new home on the web, starting the online science magazine CompassLive. Hoyle received the most prestigious award the U.S. Department of Agriculture offers – the Abraham Lincoln Honor Award – in 2016 for her work to innovate how SRS shares its science with a wide range of stakeholders and audiences.

A small team of writers, editors, and web developers publish CompassLive articles on all aspects of forest research – from bioenergy to birds, and recreation to restoration – in the southeastern U.S. and beyond. The CompassLive archive includes more than 900 articles across 31 categories.

These articles, including Science Shorts, are entry points for new science findings. Their purpose is to help our partners and stakeholders discover and learn about recently published research.

We hope you enjoy Science Shorts – and the rest of CompassLive. For more information or to share feedback, email us:

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