Chief’s Award, International Honors, and Director’s Awards

SRS employees commended for achievements and dedication to agency mission

USDA Forest Service Recognition

SRS research hydrologist Ge Sun received one of the highest honors in the agency, the Forest Service Chief’s Honor Award. At a ceremony in December in Washington, DC, Sun received recognition for “Applying Knowledge Globally.”

Ge Sun receives the 2017 Chief’s Honor Award. USFS photo.

This award recognizes his research productivity, leadership, and partnerships that have furthered understanding of the relationships among forests and water in a changing environment.

“One of his most notable contributions is his development of the Water Supply Stress Index (WaSSI) model, a simulation tool that makes predictions about interactions between water supply and demand by forests and humans,” said Carlos Rodriguez-Franco, Deputy Chief for Research and Development, who presented the award to Sun.

“By advancing knowledge of water and forests through publishing a multitude of papers and co-organizing numerous symposia, Ge Sun has developed science-based tools for managing forests that have regional, national, and international benefits.”

Qinfeng Guo displays his Award for Excellence in Academic Activities. Photo by Stephanie Worley Firley, USFS.

International Recognition

SRS research ecologist Qinfeng Guo received an “Award for Excellence in Academic Activities” from the Northeast Normal University in China. The award recognizes Guo’s role in a long-term international collaboration on experimental research in regional grassland ecosystems, focusing on plant and animal interactions.

In 2015, Northeast Normal University named Guo a “Changbai Scholar” — an honor based on research achievements of individuals both internal and external to the school.

SRS Director Recognition

SRS Director Rob Doudrick announced the recipients of the 2017 Station Director’s Awards. The following employees will be recognized during a ceremony in March. “The work they have accomplished makes me very proud, and I look forward to recognizing those who can attend the awards ceremony in person,” says Doudrick.

Research ecologist Bill Hargrove has been named the Station’s Distinguished Scientist for “sustained, high-quality, creative scientific contributions in support of research including leadership in ForWarn, ForeCASTS, and LanDAT projects.”

Bill Hargrove was named SRS Distinguished Scientist. USFS photo.

Eastern Threat Center Director Danny Lee is the recipient of the Science Delivery Award “in recognition of excellence in integrating advanced technologies, tools, and scientific understanding into Forest Service management.”

Resource information specialist Erika Mack is the winner of the Research Professional Support Award “in recognition of innovations and increased efficiency and usages of modeling tools while reducing development costs.”

Biological science technician Mickey Bland received the Research Technician Award for “outstanding technical support of the Ecology of Aquatic and Terrestrial Fauna Team, including consistently exemplary skill in field and laboratory research and organization.”

Louise Loudermilk
Louise Loudermilk was one of five recipients of the Partnership Award. The team was recognized for their research on fire. USFS photo.

Program specialist Russell Wilson is the winner of the Business Operations Support – Budget and Financial Accountability for “exceptional efforts in managing and balancing the high-profile budget of the Forest Inventory and Analysis Unit.”

Office automation assistant Linda Cortes is the recipient of the Business Operations Support for “sustaining the crucial work of the Business Operations, Office Support Services Group, during an extended period of hiring austerity.”

The Partnership Award recipients are part of the Prescribed Fire Science Consortium. Joseph O’Brien, Louise Loudermilk, Scott Goodrick, Ben Hornsby, and Yongqiang Liu are being recognized for “coordinated research efforts on a set experimental fires as an efficient means to create synergy among a diverse set of partners including federal, state, and local entities.”

Jason Anderson, assistant Station engineer, received the Customer Service award for “leadership in developing research infrastructure that will allow the Station to excel as a high-performing organization and allow thousands of dollars in savings to the Station annually.”

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