David Wear Wins SAF Award in Forest Science

On November 4, U.S. Forest Service scientist David Wear received the National Award in Forest Science from the Society of American Foresters (SAF). The award was presented at a special reception as part of the SAF annual conference held November 2 – 6 in Madison, Wisconsin.

SAF recognized Wear, senior scientist and project leader at the Center for Integrated Forest Science located in Raleigh, North Carolina, for “distinguished individual research in any branch of the quantitative, managerial, and/or social sciences leading to the advancement of forestry.”

The award honors Wear’s many years of research in the areas of land use, policy, forest sustainability, and forecasting. Much of his most recent work focuses on developing natural resource futures, conducting broad scale assessments, and supporting policy discussions.

Most recently, Wear has focused research on projecting changes in the carbon content of U.S. forests. Findings from that research provide insight into how diminished tree growth in the future could lead to a decline in forest carbon sequestration in the U.S., which could affect future decisions about carbon emissions by policymakers. Wear has been and is involved in numerous national-level assessments that support the application of research to regional and U.S-wide questions regarding natural resources.

Wear provided critical leadership for the the Southern Forest Futures Project, a multi-year research effort to forecast changes in southern forests between 2010 and 2060 under various climate and land use change scenarios. The futures project addressed concerns identified from public meetings held across the South; over 30 scientists and other experts contributed to the scenarios and analyses included in the technical report and regional summaries resulting from the project.

Wear also co-led the process for the the previous highly influential Southern Forest Resource Assessment, and has authored or coauthored over 140 publications he has authored or coauthored over the past 27 years, during which he has received multiple awards, including the 2011 Secretary of Agriculture Honor Award for Personal and Professional Service and the 2008 U.S. Forest Service Distinguished Science Award.

For more information, email David Wear at dwear@fs.fed.us.

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