2016 Southern Pine Silviculture Training Held in Arkansas and Louisiana

NASP training for Forest Service silviculturists

NASP attendees at session held at the Crossett Experimental Forest in Arkansas. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service.
NASP attendees at session held at the Crossett Experimental Forest in Arkansas. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service.

For 10 straights days from 25 April through May 3, U.S. Forest Service personnel from the Southern Research Station, Region 8, and State and Private Forestry (S&PF) taught a short course on southern pine silviculture as part of the National Advanced Silviculture Program (NASP). The silviculture certification program for the Forest Service, NASP consists of four core training modules led by academic institutions, and a fifth local area module developed specifically to build expertise in regional forest types.

Jim Guldin, project leader for both of the SRS southern pine research units, and Jeff Matthews, Region 8 silviculturist, coordinated this year’s local area module for Region 8, which featured intensive study of southern pine ecology, restoration, and management. The fifteen students who attended the course traveled to three different locations over the 10 days of the program:

“A highlight of the session was an evening reception at the Queen Wilhelmina State Park Lodge in Arkansas with Region 8’s Regional Forester Tony Tooke, who was visiting the Ouachita National Forest with Forest Supervisor Norm Wagoner and Acting Deputy Forest Supervisor Ben Battle,” said Guldin. “Tooke, a former certified Region 8 silviculturist, remarked on the importance of an active silviculture program to meet the restoration and management goals for Region 8 National Forests and Grasslands.”

Workshop presenters and coordinators included:

SRS: Jim Guldin (shortleaf, loblolly-shortleaf, and longleaf pine silviculture, field tours in the Ouachita Mountains and the Crossett EF), Don Bragg (pine ecology), Andy Scott (forest soils), Virginia McDaniel (invasive plants), Jim Barnett (artificial regeneration of longleaf pine), and Susana Sung (longleaf pine seedling development).

Region 8: Jeff Matthews (silviculture and management), Gregg Vickers (Ozark-St. Francis NF, silviculture prescription writing), Janet Hinchee (Ocala NF, silviculture of sand pine); Calcasieu RD staff on the Kisatchie NF (Lisa Lewis, Kathy Duncan, Charles Fontenot, Russ Marchion, and Thomas Pardue; field tour of longleaf pine in Vernon Parish).

S&PF: Alex Mangini (insects of southern pines), Jaesoon Hwang (diseases of southern pines).

University experts: Matt Pelkki (Univ. Arkansas-Monticello, logging and economics), Don White (Univ. Arkansas-Monticello, wildlife), and Paul Jackson (Louisiana Tech, Sonderegger hybrid seedlings in longleaf pine).

Local experts: O.H. “Doogie” Darling (retired woodlands manager for Georgia-Pacific Corp., and an expert on forest history.)

For more information, email Jim Guldin at jguldin@fs.fed.us.


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