The Forest Health Advisory System

New Web Resource for Identifying At-Risk Forests

02.25.At Risk15666842103_25230a11c5The U.S. Forest Service Forest Health Protection recently developed the Forest Health Advisory System, a web-based application that highlights potential future activities of more than 40 major forest pests and pathogens across 1.2 billion acres of U.S. forest land.

Through a simple web interface on the front page of the web application, a user can create an advisory to explore a place of interest –national forest, national park, U.S. Fish and Wildlife unit, or tribal land.

The advisory includes background information on the survey status of the land, information about the most prevalent pests, potential risks and threats, layered maps showing potential loss of trees due to pests, and possible management strategies in relation to specific threats. As an example, view the advisory created for the Appalachicola National Forest.

Also included on the web application are links to:

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