New Interactive Course Highlights Climate Change Science

Content can help satisfy Forest Service employee education requirement for Climate Change Scorecard

Illustration from new interactive course developed by the Climate Change Resource Center.

On March 19, The Climate Change Resource Center  released an interactive online education module on basic climate change science and climate modeling. The module, “Climate Change Science and Modeling: What You Need to Know,” provides a brief overview of the climate system, greenhouse gases, climate models, current climate impacts, and future climate projections.

“Every Forest Service employee plays an important role in sustaining the health of the nation’s forests and grasslands in a changing climate,” said Dave Cleaves, Climate Change Advisor for the U.S. Forest Service. “This online coursework will give employees an exciting and convenient way to deepen their basic understanding of climate change science.”

The Web-based module’s interactive features allow users to control their learning experience, with opportunities to explore outside links and learn definitions and relevant facts. The course is designed to provide flexibility for busy professionals and others who want to understand the fundamentals of climate science. It can be completed in about 20 minutes and done in multiple sessions on the same device. The course’s main material is followed by an activity that is specific to the user’s geographic region, and completing the activity will generate a personalized certificate.

“Climate Change Science and Modeling” was designed to educate all staff areas within the Forest Service workforce, and can be used to help satisfy the Forest Service Climate Change Performance Scorecard Element One requirement, all-employee education. This course is also broadly applicable to other government agencies, tribes, the general public, and others who are interested in incorporating climate change science into management and education efforts.

The course is part of the content creation program of the Climate Change Resource Center, which focuses on helping natural resource managers cope with a rapidly changing climate. Visit the center online at for more information, or email questions to

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