Wood Industry Trends in the South Made Easy

Photo by Eli Seagor, courtesy of Wikimedia.

An online tool developed the by U.S. Forest Service quickly reveals the economic impacts of wood-related industries in the states of the South.

The South is often referred to as the “wood basket of the Nation,” and wood-related industries contribute to the economies of all 13 southern states to varying degrees. For analysis purposes, these industries can be broken out into four sectors: forestry and logging, furniture, paper, and wood products.

Forest Service Southern Research Station (SRS) economists recently unveiled an online tool they developed that allows users to view and compare annual trends in wood-related sectors by state and industry.

The tool includes:

  • An industry comparison dashboard, where users can compare wood-related industries with other industries within a state;
  • Impact analysis that shows employment and income data for each state;
  • State comparisons of income and employment by sector;
  • Wood-related industry comparisons by state; and
  • Wood-related trends by state.

“The user not only can access the actual data but also compare annual trends in and among states with visualizations that can be saved or printed as pdfs,” says Karen Abt, research economist with SRS Forest Economics and Policy unit who, with forester Brian Doherty and forestry technician Bo Dixon, updated an existing tool to provide output useful in planning and decisionmaking.”This information is of specific interest to state forestry agencies as they promote forests and wood processing in their states.”

“This tool will be helpful to a lot of people, including decision makers at the state and national levels, industry analysts, researchers, and the interested public,” adds Jeff Prestemon, project leader for the economics unit.

Access Economic Impacts of Wood Related Sectors in the US South.”

For more information, email Karen Abt at kabt@fs.fed.us

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