Warren Receives EPA Award

Scene from Ouachita National Forest. Photo courtesy of U.S. Forest Service.

U.S. Forest Service fisheries research scientist Mel Warren recently received word that he and several co-authors received a 2011 Scientific and Technological Achievement Award Level III from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Warren, team leader for the Forest Service Southern Research Station (SRS) Center for Bottomland Hardwoods Research, co-authored one of the trio of papers that received the award for “development of a novel indicator of ecosystem function: microbial acquisition of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorous.”

The winning article, published in 2010 in the journal Freshwater Biology, focused on microbial enzyme activity, nutrient uptake and nutrition limitation in forested streams.  Additional winning co-authors from Forest Service Research include Frank McCormick from the Rocky Mountain Research Station, Bret Harvey from the Pacific Southwest Research Station and Sherri Johnson from the Pacific Northwest Research Station.

“My participation stemmed from a cooperative project with EPA that focused on streams in the Ouachita National Forest,” says Warren. “This fell under a larger ecosystem management program on that forest led by project leader Jim Guldin. The EPA stream research also involved Forest Service scientists and streams at the SRS Coweeta Hydrological Laboratory and the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest in the Pacific Northwest.”

Read the full text of the winning article.

For more information, email Mel Warren at mwarren01@fs.fed.us.

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