SRS Science Contributes to National Climate Assessment

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On January 11, the National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee (NCADAC), a 60-person federal advisory committee established in 2010, released its draft National Climate Assessment (NCA) report for public review. Available at the NCDAC website, the 1,146-page report is now open for a three-month period of public comment.

The report consists of 30 chapters, each with convening and lead authors from a wide range of institutions, many from the U.S. Forest Service. Dave Wear and Jim Vose, project leaders of the Southern Research Station (SRS) Center for Integrated Forest Science and Synthesis both made significant contributions to the draft report.

Wear served as a one of the lead authors for Chapter 17, “Southeast and the Caribbean.”

“This chapter highlights the vulnerability of the Southeast to sea level rise, heat events and decreased water availability, and across many sectors,” says Wear. “Our work at the Station, especially the Southern Forest Futures Project, provided timely insights into how forests could be affected. With respect to forest impacts, the report focuses especially on the interaction of climate changes with disturbances caused by fire and invasive species.” SRS scientist Ge Sun led the water chapter and Steve McNulty the forest chapter for the Southeast regional technical report that contributed to Chapter 17.

Vose, along with Dave Peterson from the Forest Service Pacific Northwest Station (PNW) and Toral Patel-Weynand from Forest Service Research and Development, co-led and edited the major supporting document for the NCA from the Forest Service, a 265-page comprehensive science synthesis on the effects of climate variability and change on forest ecosystems in the United States. Vose co-authored four of the five major chapters; Wear co-authored the fifth. Additional SRS contributors to the synthesis include Chelcy Ford Miniat, Cassandra Johnson,  and Steve McNulty.

“We owe a great debt to the many authors who contributed excellent material under a very tight deadline,” says Vose. “This report provides a major resource about what is known about forests and climate change not only by the Forest Service, but from the perspective of our long-term collaborators in academia and other government agencies.”

The synthesis will be published by PNW as General Technical Report PNW-GTR-870 and will be available soon through TreeSearch.   

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