Southern Research Station Director’s Awards Announced

The 2012 Southern Research Station (SRS) Director’s Awards were announced September 19, and will be awarded on October 30 at the SRS Leadership Team meeting in Raleigh, NC. The ceremony will be held at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences Nature Research Center.   

Distinguished Science Award Steve McNulty, Raleigh, NC–For distinguished scientific leadership and contributions on the effects of climate change and other ecosystem stresses for the benefit of both science and resource management

Early Career Scientist Award Tara Keyser, Bent Creek, NC–For extraordinary research productivity and expertise in the field of forest science

Science Delivery Award ForWarn Team, to be accepted by Bill Hargrove, Asheville, NC, on behalf of the 16-member multi-agency team–For exceptional creativity and performance in development and deployment of the ForWarn Forest Disturbance Monitoring Tool

Multicultural Organization Award Andy Scott, Huntsville, AL–For exceptional leadership and creativity as the Station Liaison to Alabama A&M University

Safety and Occupational Health Award Karen Sarsony, Research Triangle Park, NC–For outstanding leadership and thorough application of practices and procedures to ensure safety in the workplace

Excellence in Providing Business Operations Support Mark McDonough, Asheville, NC–For sustained excellence in technical competence and engineering support to the field

Research Technical Support Award Gordon McWhirter, Oxford, MS–For outstanding research technical support to the Terrestrial and Aquatic Fauna Research Team of the Center for Bottomland Hardwoods

Research Professional Support Ben Hornsby, Athens, GA–For outstanding research professional support, innovation, and dedication to the Fire Sciences Team of the Center for Forest Disturbance Science

Customer Service Award Mark Miller, Savannah River, SC–For outstanding procurement and contract support to the Southern Research Station and the Eastern Administrative Zone

Volunteer Award Jim Roberds and Ron Schmidtling, Saucier, MS–For invaluable service as volunteers to the Southern Institute of Forest Genetics

Partnership Award Perdita Spriggs, Raleigh, NC–For outstanding contributions to the Southern Research Stations partnership with the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences Nature Research Center