Southern Pine Beetle II

Southern pine beetle damage. Photo credit: USDA Forest Service

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The southern pine beetle is the most destructive forest pest in the southern United States, causing more than $60 million in damage and lost timber income annually. The most recent outbreak of the native insect (1999-2003) caused over $1.5 billion in damages across eight states.

SRS recently announced the publication of a new synthesis of research on the southern pine beetle.  Edited by SRS assistant director for research Kier Klepzig and Texas A&M University professor Robert Coulson, Southern Pine Beetle II updates the previous synthesis published in 1980 by SRS researcher Robert Thatcher and others.

“In the 30 years since the last synthesis, the forest environment for southern pine beetle changed significantly,” says Klepzig. “Industrial ownership declined, people moved into the wildland-urban interface, and recreational demand on forests expanded. The research arena has also changed dramatically over the last three decades. Advances in molecular, microscopy and landscape sciences have led to important new discoveries about the biology, ecology and management of southern pine beetle.”

Southern Pine Beetle II consists of five sections that cover ecology, impact, silviculture and management, treatment tactics and strategies, and integrated pest management. The authors who contributed the individual chapters that make up the sections are recognized authorities in their areas. The book is intended for managers, researchers, educators, students, and the interested public.

“Beyond their economic importance, bark beetles are fascinating organisms,” says Klepzig. “The southern pine beetle is among the most thoroughly studied forest insects; this publication represents the current state-of-the-art knowledge base for this species.”

SRS provided the funding for Southern Pine Beetle II, with contributions from the Forest Service Southern Region, Forest Health Protection, SPB Prevention and Restoration Program.

 To view or download the book online: . Individual articles from the book are also available online and can be found by using the table of contents to search by author or article title.

 To request that a copy of Southern Pine Beetle II, please send you complete mailing address with the title, author and publication number (GTR-140) to .

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