Our Mission

  • To provide information, methods, and guidelines to implement and evaluate ecosystem management concepts, practices, and effects on water, soil and forest resources.
  • To improve knowledge, baseline data, and predictive methods that are required to evaluate effects of the atmospheric environment on forested watersheds in the southeastern U.S.

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SRS Scientists pen chapters in Forest Hydrology

Dr. Devendra Amatya, Research Hydrologist, is the lead editor and coauthor of Forest Hydrology – Processes, Management and Applications. Dr. Ge Sun, Research Hydrologist (4854) and Dr. Jim Vose, Project Leader (4853) each have chapters in the book. The book covers almost all aspects of forest hydrology, in multiple environments – from tundra to the tropics and was prepared under an invitation of UK-based CABI publishers. The book is geared to assist graduate students, professionals, land managers, practitioners, and researchers gain a better understanding of forest hydrology.


Extreme Precipitation Event at Santee EF topic of Presentation

Extreme and prolonged flooding in many parts of South Carolina on Oct. 3 and 4 2015 was a result associated with Hurricane Joaquin that came into the eastern Atlantic Coast. The persistent deep easterly flow, the continuous supply of moisture, and the circulation of the hurricane caused this extreme weather event. Dr. Devendra Amatya, Research Hydrologist, has studied, written and presented on this event. He also presented at an invited session organized by the Southeastern Section of Geological Society of America in Columbia, SC. Preliminary Hydro-meteorologic Assessment of an Extreme Precipitation Event on Santee Experimental Forest Watersheds. He also presented his findings at the South Carolina Water Resources Conference also in Columbia, SC (Extreme Precipitation Event on Santee Experimental Forest Watersheds, SC).

Fire Preparations at Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory

Katherine Elliott discusses preparatory measures being taken at Coweeta in the face of the Rock Mountain Fire.

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