About Us

Our mission: To provide the scientific basis to manage southern bottomland hardwood and wetland forests and associated stream ecosystems for a sustained yield of forest products and other desired values.

The Center for Bottomland Hardwoods Research work unit (CBHR) was established in 1996. The organization is a step forward built on the solid foundation of over 40 years of research. Four research units were merged—the Southern Hardwoods Lab in Stoneville, MS; the Forest Hydrology Lab in Oxford, MS; the Alexandria Forestry Center in Pineville, LA; and the Seed Biology Lab in Starkville, MS—to function as a research center with a common mission focus. Additional research staff are located at Hot Springs, AR.

Scientists at the Center are organized into four teams. Each team is assigned to a broad problem area of related research issues. One or several scientists are responsible for designing and carrying out research studies that seek to solve problems or overcome limitations to our knowledge.

Our Research Work Unit charter (Word; 98 KB) includes the following problem areas:

CBHR scientists are also researching early detection and dispersal mechanisms of the oak wilt fungus in order to control oak wilt in live oaks (Mission Problem).

The Center continues to support hydrology and aquatic ecology research in upland forests of the mid-south, particularly the Ouachita Ecosystem Management Project in Arkansas.

For more detailed information about our emphasis areas and current projects, please visit our Research page →