Wendell R. Haag

Research Fisheries Biologist
Center for Mollusk Conservation, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
3761 Georgetown Road
Frankfort, KY 40601
Email: wendell.haag@usda.gov
Phone: 502-573-0330 x228

Current Research

My research focuses on developing management and conservation strategies for freshwater mussels and warmwater fishes based on a holistic understanding of the life history and ecology of these organisms. Forest lands in the southeastern U.S. support some of the most diverse, but threatened aquatic ecosystems in the world. Current management and conservation efforts are hampered by a lack of information about the ecology of most species that compose these ecosystems. My research program is geared toward generating solid life history information on aquatic species then integrating this information to produce useful ecological models. I am particularly interested in how suites of life history traits influence community assembly, population dynamics, and responses to ecosystem change. I am applying research findings toward evaluating potential outcomes of management actions, and development of repeatable monitoring programs that can simultaneously provide an assessment of population viability.


  • University of Mississippi, Biology, 2002
  • The Ohio State University, Zoology, 1991
  • Eastern Kentucky University, Biology, 1988

Research Highlights


Assessment of conservation strategies for North American freshwater mussels.

North America has the most diverse freshwater mussel fauna on Earth, but over half of the 300 native species are in danger of extinction. Extensive conservation efforts in the last 30 years have addressed this extinction crisis. A Forest Service scientist critically assessed the effectiveness of those efforts and outlined ways that conservation can be more effective in the future.


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