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Emile Gardiner

Emile S. Gardiner

Research Forester - Team Leader
P.O. Box 227
Stoneville, MS 38776-0227
Phone: 662-336-4820
Fax: 662-336-4829

Current Research

I conduct research on the ecophysiology and silviculture of bottomland hardwood regeneration.Ecophysiology research currently focuses on how environmental factors such as root hypoxia and light influence species establishment, growth and distribution in floodplain forests.Silviculture research involves developing practices which facilitate natural and artificial regeneration of bottomland hardwood species.Current studies involve partial cutting and underplanting to establish advance oak regeneration in natural stands, and development of nurse crop systems for afforestation of former agricultural land.


  • Mississippi State University, Forestry, 1994
  • Louisiana State University, Wildlife Management, 1988
  • Louisiana State University, Forestry/Wildlife option, 1986

Research Highlights


New research sheds light on fate of the imperiled pondberry plant

Some consider pondberry to be the rarest shrub in the southeastern U.S. as it is found in only 36 populations distributed in six states. Forest Service researchers discovered that pondberry prefers to grow in partial sunlight rather than the heavy shade characteristic of dense forests. Active forest management practices that provide suitable light availability could help pondberry thrive and perhaps even resist other environmental stresses such as soil flooding.


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