Author Resources

Information for Station and Cooperating Authors

SRS Technical Publications Team

The SRS Technical Publications Team provides Station authors and their collaborators with complete editorial and layout services for a series of publications, including:

  • General Technical Reports (GTR), Resource Bulletins (RB), Research Papers (RP), Research Notes (RN), and Science Updates (SU)
  • Full conference proceedings
  • Research Maps (RMAP)
Preparing a Manuscript

Please refer to the Abbreviated Author Guidelines for formatting and other information related to literature cited, tables, figures, and photos. The SRS Authors Guide provides full guidance on manuscript preparation and policy.

Submit a Manuscript for Publication

Manuscripts must be complete before being submitted for editorial services. Please refer to the Authors Checklist when finalizing the manuscript package. Note that manuscripts must be accompanied by a completed Manuscript Approval Form (FS-1600-1). For non-Forest Service collaborating authors, a completed Author Release Form must also accompany the manuscript.

Use this form to submit a manuscript package to the Technical Publications Team.

Contact the Technical Publications Team

Laurel Haavik, Team Lead

Donna Burnett, Editor

Stephanie Worley Firley, Technical Editor

Helen Robinson, Visual Information Specialist

Christian Schroll, Visual Information Specialist

Required Forms for Publishing in Scientific Journals

The forms below must be completed before any commercial publishing contract can be agreed to. They acknowledge that publication charges for the manuscript will be incurred.