The Southern Pine Ecology and Management Research Work Unit (SRS-RWU-4159), headquartered on the University of Arkansas campus at Monticello, Arkansas, continues a tradition of research on plants, wildlife, and soils in pine-dominated forests of the southeastern United States. Our emphasis is on mixed loblolly-shortleaf pine and pine-hardwood forests of the West Gulf Coastal Plain in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas, and the shortleaf pine and pine-hardwood forests of the Ouachita and Ozark Mountains in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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Bats on the Brink

USDA Forest Service researchers are monitoring the effects of white-nose syndrome, a fungal disease from Eurasia that has decimated cave-hibernating bats across the U.S. since its arrival in 2006. “The fungus that causes white-nose syndrome grows on bats in the wintertime. It causes them to wake up during their hibernation and burn their fat reserves,” says Phillip Jordan, wildlife biologist. Jordan is among the experts featured in a new video, Bats on the Brink. Forestry technician Virginia McDaniel created and produced the video.

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Latest Publications

  • Significant range extension of Streptanthus squamiformis (Brassicaceae), a Ouachita Mountain endemic
     McDaniel, Virginia L.; Baker, Brent; Witsell, Theo; Hooks, Susan L.
  • A photographic record of the first silvicultural research by the Southern Forest Experiment Station
     Bragg, Don C.
  • Russell R. Reynolds, pioneering Forest Service silviculture researcher
     Bragg, Don C.
  • A status report on silviculture in the South—amazing successes, and challenges that remain
     Guldin, James M.
  • Limits to reproduction and seed size-number trade-offs that shape forest dominance and future recovery
     Qiu, Tong; Andrus, Robert; Aravena, Marie-Claire; Ascoli, Davide; Bergeron, Yves; Berretti, Roberta; Berveiller, Daniel; Bogdziewicz, Michal; Boivin, Thomas; Bonal, Raul; Bragg, Don C.; Caignard, Thomas; Calama, Rafael; Camarero, J. Julio; Chang-Yang, Chia-Hao; Cleavitt, Natalie L.; Courbaud, Benoit; Courbet, Francois; Curt, Thomas; Das, Adrian J.; Daskalakou, Evangelia; Davi, Hendrik; Delpierre, Nicolas; Delzon, Sylvain; Dietze, Michael; Calderon, Sergio Donoso; Dormont, Laurent; Espelta, Josep; Fahey, Timothy J.; Farfan-Rios, William; Gehring, Catherine A.; Gilbert, Gregory S.; Gratzer, Georg; Greenberg, Cathryn H.; Guo, Qinfeng; Hacket-Pain, Andrew; Hampe, Arndt; Han, Qingmin; Hille Ris Lambers, Janneke; Hoshizaki, Kazuhiko; Ibanez, Ines; Johnstone, Jill F.; Journé, Valentin; Kabeya, Daisuke; Kilner, Christopher L.; Kitzberger, Thomas; Knops, Johannes M. H.; Kobe, Richard K.; Kunstler, Georges; Lageard, Jonathan G. A.; LaMontagne, Jalene M.; Ledwon, Mateusz; Lefevre, Francois; Leininger, Theodor; Limousin, Jean-Marc; Lutz, James A.; Macias, Diana; McIntire, Eliot J. B.; Moore, Christopher M.; Moran, Emily; Motta, Renzo; Myers, Jonathan A.; Nagel, Thomas A.; Noguchi, Kyotaro; Ourcival, Jean-Marc; Parmenter, Robert; Pearse, Ian S.; Perez-Ramos, Ignacio M.; Piechnik, Lukasz; Poulsen, John; Poulton-Kamakura, Renata; Redmond, Miranda D.; Reid, Chantal D.; Rodman, Kyle C.; Rodriguez-Sanchez, Francisco; Sanguinetti, Javier D.; Scher, C. Lane; Schlesinger, William H.; Schmidt Van Marle, Harald; Seget, Barbara; Sharma, Shubhi; Silman, Miles; Steele, Michael A.; Stephenson, Nathan L.; Straub, Jacob N.; Sun, I-Fang; Sutton, Samantha; Swenson, Jennifer J.; Swift, Margaret; Thomas, Peter A.; Uriarte, Maria; Vacchiano, Giorgio; Veblen, Thomas T.; Whipple, Amy V.; Whitham, Thomas G.; Wion, Andreas P.; Wright, Boyd; Wright, S. Joseph; Zhu, Kai; Zimmerman, Jess K.; Zlotin, Roman; Zywiec, Magdalena; Clark, James S.