The Southern Pine Ecology and Management Research Work Unit (SRS-RWU-4159), headquartered on the University of Arkansas campus at Monticello, Arkansas, continues a tradition of research on plants, wildlife, and soils in pine-dominated forests of the southeastern United States. Our emphasis is on mixed loblolly-shortleaf pine and pine-hardwood forests of the West Gulf Coastal Plain in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas, and the shortleaf pine and pine-hardwood forests of the Ouachita and Ozark Mountains in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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Wildfire During a Drought? It Can Still Benefit Forests

In the summer of 2011, lightning struck a ridge near High Peak Mountain, on the Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas. The High Peak Wildfire began. “It’s a remote and rugged area, and we were in the middle of a severe drought,” says Virginia McDaniel, a USDA Forest Service forestry technician, who led a study on the fire’s impacts. The study was published in the Natural Areas Journal.

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Latest Publications

  • Continent-wide tree fecundity driven by indirect climate effects
     Clark, James S.; Andrus, Robert; Aubry-Kientz, Melaine; Bergeron, Yves; Bogdziewicz, Michal; Bragg, Don C.; Brockway, Dale; Cleavitt, Natalie L.; Cohen, Susan; Courbaud, Benoit; Daley, Robert; Das, Adrian J.; Dietze, Michael; Fahey, Timothy J.; Fer, Istem; Franklin, Jerry F.; Gehring, Catherine A.; Gilbert, Gregory S.; Greenberg, Cathryn H.; Guo, Qinfeng; HilleRisLambers, Janneke; Ibanez, Ines; Johnstone, Jill; Kilner, Christopher L.; Knops, Johannes; Koenig, Walter D.; Kunstler, Georges; LaMontagne, Jalene M.; Legg, Kristin L.; Luongo, Jordan; Lutz, James A.; Macias, Diana; McIntire, Eliot J. B.; Messaoud, Yassine; Moore, Christopher M.; Moran, Emily; Myers, Jonathan A.; Myers, Orrin B.; Nunez, Chase; Parmenter, Robert; Pearse, Sam; Pearson, Scott; Poulton-Kamakura, Renata; Ready, Ethan; Redmond, Miranda D.; Reid, Chantal D.; Rodman, Kyle C.; Scher, C. Lane; Schlesinger, William H.; Schwantes, Amanda M.; Shanahan, Erin; Sharma, Shubhi; Steele, Michael A.; Stephenson, Nathan L.; Sutton, Samantha; Swenson, Jennifer J.; Swift, Margaret; Veblen, Thomas T.; Whipple, Amy V.; Whitham, Thomas G.; Wion, Andreas P.; Zhu, Kai; Zlotin, Roman.
  • The influence of Chinese tallow (Triadica sebifera) leaf litter on water quality and microbial community composition
     Montez, Raymond D.; Saenz, Daniel; Martynova-Van Kley, Alexandra; Van Kley, James; Nalian, Armen; Farrish, Kenneth.
  • Status of longleaf pine in the South: an FIA update
     Oswalt, Christopher; Guldin, James M.
  • Refining the activity level-predation risk paradigm in larval anuran communities
     Saenz, Daniel; Baum, Kristen A.; Fitzgerald, Lee A.; Schalk, Christopher M.
  • Vertebrate natural history notes from Arkansas, 2020
     Tumlison, R.; Connior, M.B.; Sasse, D.B.; Robison, H.W.; Trauth, S.E.; Higdon, S.D.; Baer, L.K.; Baer, Z.; Stinson, R.; Carson, D.; Inebnit, T.; Lewis, L.; Perry, R.W.; Redman, R.