Southern Research Station Scientists
From State: GA

Name Title Phone Location
Achtemeier, Gary Research Meteorologist 706-559-4239 Athens, GA
Bowker, J. Michael Research Social Scientist 706-559-4271 Athens, GA
Callaham, Mac Team Leader/Research Ecologist 706-559-4321 Athens, GA
Carvin, Jennifer E. Program Support Assist. 706-559-4290 Athens, GA
Cordell, H. Ken Emeritus Scientist 706-559-4263 Athens, GA
Davidson, Tom Bio Science Lab Tech 706-559-4312 Athens, GA
Fraedrich, Stephen W. Plant Pathologist 706-559-4273 Athens, GA
Goodrick, Scott Project Leader/Supervisory Research Meteorologist 706-559-4237 Athens, GA
Hanula, James L. Research Entomologist 706-559-4253 Athens, GA
Horn, Scott Entomologist 706-559-4249 Athens, GA
Johnson Gaither, Cassandra Project Leader 706-559-4270 Athens, GA
Liu, Yongqiang Team Leader/Research Meteorologist 706-559-4240 Athens, GA
Lucardi, Rima Research Ecologist 706-559-4278 Athens, GA
Miller, Daniel R. Research Entomologist 706-559-4247 Athens, GA
O'Brien, Joseph Research Ecologist 706-559-4336 Athens, GA
Schelhas, John Research Forester 706-559-4260 Athens, GA
Sheko, Bayan Chemist 706-559-4300 Athens, GA
Stanturf, John A. Supervisory Research Ecologist 706-559-4316 Athens, GA
Stegall, Christie Forest Technician 706-559-4335 Athens, GA
Strother, Dexter Forestry Technician 706-559-4308 Athens, GA
Vaughan, Edwin Maintenance 709-559-4226 Athens, GA

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