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Qinfeng Guo

Qinfeng Guo

Research Ecologist
P.O. Box 12254
Research Triangle Park
North Carolina
United States

Phone: 919-549-4043
E-mail: qguo@fs.fed.us

Current Research

Biological invasions (Patterns, processes, and mechanisms of biotic invasions at the population and community levels);
Community Ecology/Biogeography;
Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning

Past Research

Experimental research on plant-animal interactions; succession in California chaparral; simulation of linear forest dynamics in the Great Plains, floristic biogeography of China/Asia; biodiversity-ecosystem functioning; restoration ecology

Why This Research is Important

Researchers and managers need to understand the patterns, processes, and underlying mechanisms of species invasions


  • University of New Mexico, Ph.D. Biology (Ecology) 1994
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences, M.S. Botany (Systematics) 1986
  • Hebei Normal University, PRC, B.S. Geography 1983

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