John C. Kilgo

John C.  Kilgo
John C. Kilgo 
Name: John C. Kilgo 
Title: Research Wildlife Biologist
Unit: Forest Watershed Science (4353)
Center for Forested Wetlands
Phone: 803-725-0561


Location Information

USDA-Forest Service

P.O. Box 700
New Ellenton, SC 29809
1 mile inside Aiken Barricade
New Ellenton, SC 29809


Research Information


B.S., Wofford College, Biology, 1989; M.S., University of Florida, Wildlife Ecology, 1992; Ph.D., University of Georgia, Wildlife Ecology, 1996

Current Research:

Current research focuses on the impacts of coyotes, non-native in the Southeast, on deer and other wildlife. Other studies include the following: an assessment of the effects of coarse woody debris in structuring avian communities in southern forests; survival and habitat use by red-headed woodpeckers; factors determining use of group selection harvest gaps in bottomland hardwoods by forest birds; the effects of restoration of Carolina bays (isolated depression wetlands) on forest birds and bats; the effects of season of burn on wild turkey hens and poults, and a comparison of wild turkey gobbler mortality in a hunted versus an unhunted population.

Collaborative Research:

Restoration of Carolina bays; canopy gap dynamics in a bottomland forest; importance of coarse woody debris; wild turkey ecology.

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