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Frank H. Koch

Research Ecologist
3041 East Cornwallis Road
Research Triangle Park
North Carolina
United States

Phone: 919-549-4006
Fax: 919-549-4047

Current Research

  • Primary research focus on quantitative and spatial analysis of forest health data, with a particular emphasis on invasive forest pests and the modeling of invasion risk at multiple spatial scales, from landscape to continental
  • Characterization and representation of uncertainty in forest pest risk maps, using both probabilistic and non-probabilistic approaches
  • Application of trade and transportation networks to estimate human-mediated invasion likelihoods for locations of interest
  • Optimal survey design and pest detection strategies
  • Analysis of short- and long-term drought patterns, including how these patterns may relate to forest pest outbreak risk


  • North Carolina State University, Forestry , 2005
  • North Carolina State University, Natural Resources , 2001
  • Duke University, Art Design / Philosophy , 1993

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