Cassandra Johnson Gaither

Research Social Scientist
320 Green Street
Athens, GA 30602-2044
Phone: 706-559-4270

Current Research

Ethnic perceptions of natural environments; outdoor recreation behavior and preferences for minority groups.

Education Sociology, 2001
University of Georgia Sociology, 1995
University of Georgia

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Research Highlights

Forests Important in Mitigating Heat-related Mortality (2014)
SRS-2014-166 This research seeks to understand the relationship between heat-related illness and forest type and composition. Forest Service scientists examined this association controlling for social vulnerabilities related to demographic and resource-based characteristics for all counties within the contiguous U.S. Heat-related mortality was modeled as a function of social vulnerability (i.e., age, urbanization, material disabilities), forest type, and forest density for all counties in the contiguous U.S.
Latino Community Access to Urban Green Space (2012)
SRS-2012-08 Addressing environmental justice in terms of access to urban green space for an immigrant community in Georgia
Report Investigates Connection Between Urban Green Spaces and Environmental Justice (2012)
SRS-2012-11 Ecosystem services from urban green spaces have numerous benefits for the landscape and public health
Wildfire and Social Vulnerability (2010)
SRS-2010-002 As part of a Joint Fire Science Project, SRS scientists examined the association between biophysical wildland fire risk and social vulnerability in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina-using data from the Southern Group of State Foresters' Southern Wildfire Risk Assessment and the U.S. Bureau of Census.
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