Danny C. Lee

Danny C.  Lee
Danny C. Lee 
Name: Danny C. Lee 
Title: EFETAC Director
Unit: Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center (4854)
Phone: 828-257-4854
E-Mail: dclee@fs.fed.us


Location Information

USDA-Forest Service
Station Headquarters

200 W.T. Weaver Blvd
Asheville, NC 28804


Research Information


PhD, Texas A&M University, wildlife fisheries sciences
MS, Louisiana State University, applied statistics
MS, University of Tennessee, ecology/zoology
BS, University of Tennessee, ecology/zoology

Current Research:

Research efforts focus on system analysis, risk assessment, and large scale ecosystem management.

Collaborative Research:

In 2010, Congress passed legislation requiring the Federal agencies responsible for wildland fire management to work with states, tribes, and other interested stakeholders to develop a National Wildfire Management Cohesive Strategy to guide future management and wildland fire investments. Lee serves as co-leader of the science team commissioned to provide scientific support to development of the Wildfire Management Cohesive Strategy. The science team has proposed using comparative risk assessments as the basis for evaluating strategic alternatives designed by regional teams of stakeholders and managers. A draft report of the science team describes the analytical framework and provides examples taken from recent work at national, regional, and local scales.

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