C. Andrew Dolloff

C. Andrew  Dolloff
C. Andrew Dolloff 
Name: C. Andrew Dolloff 
Title: Team Leader
Unit: Forest Watershed Science (4353)
Coldwater Fisheries
Phone: 540-231-4864
E-Mail: adolloff@fs.fed.us


Location Information

USDA-Forest Service

1710 Research Center Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24060
Same as above


Research Information


B.S., Wildlife Management, University of Maine, 1975; M.S., Zoology, North Carolina State University, 1979; Ph.D., Fisheries and Wildlife, Montana State University, 1983

Current Research:

Basinwide estimation of fish production in forested watersheds in the Southern Appalachians; reconstruction of aquatic habitat using large woody debris; influence of acid precipitation on fish population dynamics/ecology; use of surrogate species to evaluate the impact of habitat disturbance on threatened, endangered or sensitive benthic riffle fishes; influence of natural and human-related disturbance on trout and trout stream ecology.

Collaborative Research:

Instream and riparian habitat restoration; effects of land use; habitat measurement; inventory and monitoring of threatened and endangered aquatic species; impacts of disturbance (acid precipitation, floods, etc.) on aquatic communities and habitats.

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