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National Survey on Recreation and the Environment (2010)
SRS-2010-006 The National Kids Survey (NKS), a companion survey to the National Survey of Recreation and the Environment (NSRE), focuses on youth 6 to 19 years old. The NKS fills a void in outdoor recreation research by identifying patterns in how America's youth spends its time outdoors and what outdoor activities it engages in. The partnerships behind this history of national surveys, and behind the two most recent surveys, have been highly effective and have provided timely information for guiding National and State policies and legislation.
Natural Lands and Future Rural Migration (2011)
SRS-2011-15 People of the U.S. move frequently, and they move for many reasons. One reason of growing importance is to live in places with natural landscapes and recreation opportunities. Where people move in the future will be influenced by rural land use decisions made today.
Partnering to Support Better Recreation Policy and Management Analysis (2011)
For over 30 years the Forest Service and the Recreation Research Unit in Athens, Georgia have been recognized leaders in partnering to address needs for information and technology to support better recreation policy and management of public lands. This on-going partnership has involved multiple federal agencies, state associations, private associations and universities.
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