Gary Achtemeier

Gary  Achtemeier
Gary Achtemeier 
Name: Gary Achtemeier 
Title: Research Meteorologist
Unit: Center for Forest Disturbance Science (4156)
Phone: 706-559-4239
Fax: 706-559-4317 - Unit Fax
706-559-4317 - Location Fax


Location Information

USDA-Forest Service
Forestry Sciences Laboratory

320 Green Street
Athens, GA 30602-2044


Research Information


Current Research:

Current research focuses on smoke management and air quality.Asmoke model that follows smoke near the ground at night as it movesover complex terrain under highly divergent wind conditions has been developed.The model, PB-Piedmont, became available in DOS to a "beta set" of users in November 1997.PB-Piedmont, now available inthe Windows-95 operating system, is valid for landforms typical of the piedmont and upper coastal plain of the Southeast and elsewhere in the world.Research to extend the nighttime smoke model to the coastal plain and to link with NWS weather models is underway

Collaborative Research:

New research in airborne remote sensing to discover new ways to collect data for smoke model validation is underway.Collaborative work in image analysis, GIS, and optics is being sought.Research is also underway to adapt models to forecast flight level and duration of flight for insects migrating within variable atmospheric conditions. Interest also exists in the field of plume modeling.

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