100 Most Recently Published SRS Publications

Variation in effects of Conophthorin on catches of ambrosia beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) in ethanol-baited traps in the United States. – 2015
Miller, Dan; Dodds, K.J.; Hoebeke, E.R.; Poland, T.M.; Willhite, E.A.

An analysis of the drying process in forest fuel material – 2015
Byram, G.M.; Nelson, R.M.

Visitor diversity through the recreation manager lens: comparing Forest Service Regions 8 (U S South) and 5 (California) – 2015
Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Roberts, Nina S.; Hanula, Kristin L.

Simulating vegetation controls on hurricane-induced shallow landslides with a distributed ecohydrological model – 2015
Hwang, Taehee; Band, Lawrence E.; Hales, T. C.; Miniat, Chelcy F.; Vose, James M.; Bolstad, Paul V.; Miles, Brian; Price, Katie

How well do terrestrial biosphere models simulate coarse-scale runoff in the contiguous United States? – 2015
Schwalm, C.R.; Huntzinger, D.N.; Cook, R.B.; Wei, Y.; Baker, I.T.; Neilson, R.P.; Poulter, B.; Caldwell, Peter; Sun, G.; Tian, H.Q.; Zeng, N.

The global position of the U S forest products industry – 2015
Prestemon, Jeffrey P.; Wear, David N.; Foster, Michaela O.

Forests of Virginia,2013 – 2015
Rose, A.K.

Island Biogeography Theory: Emerging Patterns and Human Effects – 2015
Guo, Qinfeng

Metrics for determining hydrophytic vegetation in wetland delineation: a clarification on the prevalence index – 2015
De Steven, Diane

Forests of South Carolina, 2013 – 2015
Rose, Anita K.

Conterminous U.S. and Alaska Forest Type Mapping Using Forest Inventory and Analysis Data – 2015
Ruefenacht, B.; Finco, M.V.; Nelson, M.D.; Czaplewski, R.; Helmer, E.H.; Blackard, J. A.; Holden, G.R.; Lister, A.J.; Salajanu, D.; Weyermann, D.; Winterberger, K.

Managing outbreaks of invasive species - a new method to prioritize preemptive quarantine efforts across large geographic regions – 2015
Withrow, J.R.; Smith, E.L.; Koch, F.H.; Yemshanov, D.

Approaching environmental health disparities and green spaces: An ecosystem services perspective – 2015
Jennings, Viniece; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra

Sampling for compliance with USDA Forest Service guidelines using information derived from LIDAR – 2015
Strimbu, Bogdan M.; Cooke, Daniel; Strozier, Samuel

More practical critical height sampling. – 2015
Lynch, Thomas B.; Gove, Jeffrey H.

Pro-B selection method for uneven-aged management of longleaf pine forests – 2015
Brockway, Dale G.; Loewenstein, Edward F.; Outcalt, Kenneth W.

Computer programs for optical dendrometer measurements of standing tree profiles – 2015
Beard, Jacob R.; Matney, Thomas G.; Schultz, Emily B.

Loblolly pine genetics verification test for private nonindustrial landowners – 2015
Barry, Jon E.; Ford, Victor L.; Trauger, John L.

Use of the Fakopp TreeSonic acoustic device to estimate wood quality characteristics in loblolly pine trees planted at different densities – 2015
Amateis, Ralph L.; Burkhart, Harold E.

The replacements of American Chestnut: a range-wide assessment based on data from forest inventory and published studies – 2015
Wang, G. Geoff; Hu, Huifeng

Forest canopy reduction and breeding bird responses: treatment-and temporal-dependent patterns – 2015
Stringer, Brandie K.; Wang, Yong; Schweitzer, Callie J.

Is the footprint of longleaf pine in the Southeastern United States still shrinking? – 2015
Oswalt, Christopher M.; Woodall, Christopher W.; Brooks, Horace W.

Participatory genetic improvement: longleaf pine – 2015
Nelson, C. Dana; Boyd, Gwendolyn; Rousseau, Randall J.; Crane, Barbara S.; Echt, Craig S.; Johnsen, Kurt H.

Development of an ecological classification system for the Cooper Creek watershed of the Chattahoochee National Forest: a first approximation – 2015
McNab, W. Henry; Stephens, Ronald B.; Mavity, Erika M.; Baggs, Joanne E.; Wentworth, James M.; Rightmyer, Richard D.; Jaume, Alex J.; Jackson, Brian D.; Joyce, Michael P.

What 45 years of RLGS data has to say about longleaf pine mortality - not much – 2015
Kush, John S.; Gilbert, John C.; Barlow, Rebecca J.

From loblolly to longleaf: fifth-year results of a longleaf pine restoration study at two ecologically distinct sites – 2015
Knapp, Benjamin O.; Wang, G. Geoff; Walker, Joan L.; Hu, Huifeng

Economic analysis of payments required to establish longleaf pine habitat on private lands to facilitate training on military installations – 2015
Glenn, J. Viola; Cubbage, Fred; Myers, Ron; Nils Peterson, M.

Destroyed virgin longleaf pine stand lives-on digitally – 2015
Gilbert, John C.; Kush, S.; Barlow, Rebecca J.

The quest for methods to identify longleaf pine stump relicts in Southeastern Virginia – 2015
Eberhardt, Thomas L.; Sheridan, Philip M.; So, Chi-Leung; Bhuta, Arvind A.R.; Reed, Karen G.

Intensive longleaf pine management for hurricane recovery: fourth-year results – 2015
Dyson, David S.; Brockway, Dale G.

Vegetative composition in forested areas following application of desired forest condition treatments – 2015
Danley, Trent A.; Ezell, Andrew W.; Schultz, Emily B.; Hodges, John D.

Survival and growth of restored Piedmont riparian forests as affected by site preparation, planting stock, and planting aids – 2015
Curtis, Chelsea M.; Aust, W. Michael; Seiler, John R.; Strahm, Brian D.

Non-timber forest products: ramps in the Waynesville, NC watershed – 2015
Connor, Kristina; Chamberlain III, Jim; Gibbs Jr., Hilliard; Winn, Matt

Influences of shelterwood prescriptions to aboveground carbon storage and herpetofaunal and small mammal communities – 2015
Conner, Padraic; Wang, Yong; Schweitzer, Callie Jo

More than just timber: silvicultural options and ecosystem services from managed southern pine stands – 2015
Bragg, Don C.; Schuler, Jamie L.; Pelkki, Matthew H; Scott, D. Andrew; Guldin, James M.

Influence of weather and climate variables on the basal area growth of individual shortleaf pine trees – 2015
Saud, Pradip; Lynch, Thomas B.; Wilson, Duncan S.; Stewart, John; Guldin, James M.; Heinemann, Bob; Holeman, Randy; Wilson, Dennis; Anderson, Keith

Early release improves long-term growth and development of direct-seeded nuttall oak saplings – 2015
Meadows, James S.; Johnson, Robert L.; Krinard, Roger M.

Assessing crown dynamics and inter-tree competition in southern pines – 2015
Martin, Timothy A.; Garcia, Angelica; Quesada, Tania; Jokela, Eric J.; Gezan, Salvador

Crown expansion following thinning in naturally regenerated and planted longleaf pine – 2015
Jack, Steven B.; Jansen, Noah A.; Mitchell, Robert J.

Comparison of planted loblolly, longleaf, and slash pine development through 10 growing seasons in central Louisiana--an argument for longleaf pine – 2015
Haywood, James D.; Sayer, Mary Anne S.; Sung, Shi-Jean Susana

Determination of loblolly pine response to cultural treatments based on soil class, base productivity, and competition level – 2015
Garrett, David; Kane, Michael; Markewitz, Daniel; Zhao, Dehai

Thickness and roughness measurements for air-dried longleaf pine bark – 2015
Eberhardt, Thomas L.

Structure and regrowth of longleaf pine forests following uneven-aged silviculture and hurricane disturbance at the Escambia Experimental Forest – 2015
Bohn, Kimberly; Chancy, Christel; Brockway, Dale

Loblolly pine foliar patterns and growth dynamics at age 12 in response to planting density and cultural intensity – 2015
Akers, Madison Katherine; Kane, Michael; Zhao, Dehai; Daniels, Richard F.; Teskey, Robert O.

Crown size relationships for black willow in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley – 2015
Schuler, Jamie L.; Woods, Bradley; Adams, Joshua; Souter, Ray

Cultural intensity and planting density effects on individual tree stem growth, stand and crown attributes, and stand dynamics in thinned loblolly pine plantations during the age 12- to age 15- year period in the Upper Coastal Plain and Piedmont of the Southeastern United States – 2015
Johnson, Evan; Kane, Michael; Zhao, Dehai; Teskey, Robert

Multi-scale modeling of relationships between forest health and climatic factors – 2015
Crosby, Michael K.; Fan, Zhaofei; Fan, Xingang; Spetich, Martin A.; Leininger, Theodor D.

An evaluation of the hardwood regeneration model (REGEN) 16 years post-harvest of a regenerated stand in East Tennessee – 2015
Clatterbuck, Wayne K.

Using nonlinear quantile regression to estimate the self-thinning boundary curve – 2015
Cao, Quang V.; Dean, Thomas J.

Temporal validation for landsat-based volume estimation model – 2015
Arroyo, Renaldo J.; Schultz, Emily B.; Matney, Thomas G.; Evans, David L.; Fan, Zhaofei

Eastern cottonwood and black willow biomass crop production in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley under four planting densities – 2015
Souter, Ray A.; Gardiner, Emile S; Leininger, Theodor D.; Mitchell, Dana; Rummer, Robert B.

Assessment of forest management influences on total live aboveground tree biomass in William B Bankhead National Forest, Alabama – 2015
Schweitzer, Callie; Lemke, Dawn; Tadesse, Wubishet; Wang, Yong

Predicting small-diameter loblolly pine above ground biomass in naturally regenerated stands – 2015
Keating, Charles D.; Larsen, David R.; Schuler, Jamie L.

Considering species richness and rarity when selecting optimal survey traps: comparisons of semiochemical baited flight intercept traps for Cerambycidae in eastern North America – 2015
Dodds, Kevin J.; Allison, Jeremy D.; Miller, Daniel R.; Hanavan, Ryan P.; Sweeney, Jon

The American lawn revisited: awareness education and culture as public policies toward sustainable lawn – 2015
Zhang, Yaoqi; Zheng, Bin; Sun, Ge; Fan, Peilei Fan

Early competitive effects on growth of loblolly pine grown in co-culture with switchgrass – 2015
Krapfl, Kurt J.; Roberts, Scott D.; Rosseau, Randall J.; Hatten, Jeff A.

Woody biomass and volume for four tree species in Missouri Forests – 2015
Keating, Charles D.; Larsen, David R.

Measuring and partitioning soil respiration in sharkey shrink-swell clays under plantation grown short-rotation woody crops – 2015
Hood, Wilson G.; Tyree, Michael C.; Dillaway, Dylan N. Dillaway; Leininger, Theodor D.

Financial return from traditional wood products, feedstock, and carbon sequestration in loblolly pine plantations in the Southern U.S – 2015
Chaudhan, Umesh K.; Kane, Michael B.

Estimation of above ground biomass for multi-stemmed short-rotation woody crops – 2015
Byrd, Brian A.; Hood, Wilson G.; Tyree, Michael C.; Dillaway, Dylan N.

Growth pf Chinese tallow in a bottomland forest in Southern Mississippi – 2015
Tian, Nana; Fan, Zhaofei

Allometric biomass models and applications for branches of Chinese tallow in a Mississippi Bottomland Forest – 2015
Stoklosa, Allison M.; Tian, Nana; Fan, Zhaofei

Tree-ring record of droughts and severe winter storms in the Ouachita Mountains since 1745 – 2015
Stevenson, Douglas J.; Lynch, Thomas B.; Guldin, James M.

Meadow vole-induced mortality of oak seedlings in a former agricultural field planting – 2015
Self, Andrew B.; Ezell, Andrew W.; Rowe, Dennis; Schultz, Emily B.; Hodges, John D.

Development of integrated management practices for the control of Chinese tallow on Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot – 2015
Pile, Lauren S.; Wang, G. Geoff; Layton, Patricia A.

Sources of autumn olive invasion following silvicultural treatments – 2015
Moore, Matthew R; Buckley, David S.

Physiological decline and recovery of eastern hemlock to hemlock woolly adelgid – 2015
McDonald, Kelly; Seiler, John; Salom, Scott; Rhea, Rusty

Uptake of 15N labeled fertilizer in loblolly pine plantations of the southern United States – 2015
Raymond, Jay E.; Fox, Thomas; Strahm, Brian

Mississippi's comprehensive program for southern pine beetle prevention Extension Forestry's role and economic contribution – 2015
Kushla, John D.; Dicke, Stephen G.; Gordon, Jason S.; Henderson, James E.; Londo, Andrew J.

Invasibility of major forest types by non-native Chinese tallow in East Texas – 2015
Fan, Zhaofei

Evaluating growth effects from an imidacloprid treatment in black willow and eastern cottonwood cuttings – 2015
Fernandes, Luciano de Sene; Souter, Ray A.; Leininger, Theodor D.

Chopper GEN2 + Glyphosate efficacy for height classes of hardwood sprouts recolonizing six clearcut pine sites – 2015
Yeiser, Jimmie; Ezell, Andrew

The effect of herbaceous weed control on planted loblolly pine during a drought – 2015
Kushla, John D.

Assessing tolerance of longleaf pine understory herbaceous plants to herbicide applications in a container nursery – 2015
Jackson, D. Paul; Enebak, Scott A.; West, James; Hinnant, Drew

First- and fifth- year results of a chopper GEN2 site preparation timing trial – 2015
Grogan, Jason; Ezell, Andrew; Yeiser, Jimmie; Lauer, Dwight

Herbaceous weed control in loblolly pine plantations using flazasulfuron – 2015
Ezell, Andrew W.; Yeiser, Jimmie L.

Effects of competing vegetation on growth of loblolly pine plantations in the West Gulf Coastal Plain – 2015
Coble, Dean W.

Impacts of water and nutrient availability on loblolly pine function – 2015
Wightman, Maxwell; Martin, Timothy; Jokela, Eric; Gonzalez-Benecke, Carlos

Effects of fertilization and weed control on second rotation growth and soil nutrient availability in juvenile loblolly pine plantations in North Florida – 2015
Subedi, Praveen; Jokela, Eric J.; Martin, Timothy A.; Vogel, Jason G.

Soil organic matter fractions in loblolly pine forests of Coastal North Carolina managed for bioenergy production – 2015
Minick, Kevan J.; Strahm, Brian D.; Fox, Thomas R.; Surce, Eric B.; Leggett, Zakiya H.

Explaining the apparent resiliency of loblolly pine plantation to organic matter removal – 2015
Hatten, Jeff A.; Surce, Eric B.; Leggett, Zakiya; Mack, Jason; Roberts, Scott D.; Dewey, Janet; Strahm, Brian

Effects of the silvicultural intensity on the 4-years growth and leaf-level physiology of loblolly pine varieties – 2015
Yanez, Marco; Seiler, John; Fox, Thomas

Is there a morphological or physiological explanation for the dramatic increase in hybridization between loblolly and shortleaf pine? – 2015
Will, Rodney E.; Lilly, Curtis J.; Stewart, John F.; Nelson, C. Dana; Taue, Charles G.

Distribution of longleaf pine in the Southeastern United States and its association with climatic conditions – 2015
Sui, Zhen; Fan, Zhaofei; Crosby, Michael K.; Fan, Xingang

Greenhouse gas fluxes and root productivity in a switchgrass and loblolly pine intercropping system for bioenergy production – 2015
Shrestha, Paliza; Seiler, John R.; Strahm, Brian D.; Sucre, Eric B.; Leggett, Zakiya H.

Initial response of pondberry released from heavy shade – 2015
Lockhart, Brian Roy; Gardiner, Emile S.; Leininger, Theodor D.

Long-term response of yellow-poplar to thinning in the Southern Appalachian Mountains – 2015
Keyser, Tara L.; Brown, Peter M.

Effects of spring prescribed fire on short-term, leaf-level photosynthesis and water use efficiency in longleaf pine – 2015
Jackson, John K.; Dillaway, Dylan N.; Tyree, Michael C.; Sword Sayer, Mary Anne

Loblolly pine heterotrophic and autotrophic soil respiration as influenced by fertilization and reduced throughfall – 2015
Heim, Brett C.; Strahm, Brian D.; Seiler, John R.

Groundstory vegetation response to different thinning intensities in a minor stream bottom in Mississippi: a preliminary analysis – 2015
Frey, Brent R.; Boerger, Ellen M.

Impacts of intensive management and genetic improvement on soil CO2 efflux and carbon cycling in managed loblolly pine forests – 2015
Drum, Chelsea G.; Jokela, Eric J.; Vogel, Jason G.; Schuur, Edward A. G.; Gezan, Salvador

Flammability of litter from southeastern trees: a preliminary assessment – 2015
Varner, J. Morgan; Kane, Jeffrey M.; Banwell, Erin M.; Kreye, Jesse K.

Current-year flush and needle development in longleaf pine saplings after a dormant season prescribed fire – 2015
Sung, Shi-Jean S.; Haywood, James D.; Sayer, Mary Anne S.

Mycorrhizae promote fire adaptation in oak-hickory forests in Eastern USA – 2015
Stottlemyer, Aaron D.; Wang, G. Geoff; Waldrop, Thomas A.

Burning for conservation values: should the goal be to mimic a natural fire regime? – 2015
Hermann, Sharon M.; Kush, John S.; Gilbert, John C.; Barlow, Rebecca J.

Prescribed fire and brush removal affect vegetation, fuel loads, and abundance of selected beetle populations in pine stands – 2015
Haywood, James D.; Bauman, Tessa A.; Goyer, Richard A.; Lenhard, Gerald J.

Timing fire to minimize damage in managing oak ecosystems – 2015
Dey, Daniel C.; Schweitzer, Callie Jo

Sprouting capability of shortleaf pine seedlings following clipping and burning: first-year results – 2015
Clabo, David C.; Clatterbuck, Wayne K.

Prescribed fire effects in a longleaf pine ecosystem--are winter fires working? – 2015
Barlow, Rebecca J.; Kush, John S.; Gilbert, John C.; Hermann, Sharon M.

Yield and financial performance estimates of four elite loblolly pine seed sources planted in the Western Gulf Region – 2015
Blazier, Michael A.; Holley, A. Gordon

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