Forest Economics and Policy (SRS RWU 4804)

Forest Econ Imagery.

Our Mission is to evaluate legal, tax, social, and economic influences
on forest resource management and investment, and to develop guidelines
that will support the sustainable management of forests.

The most recent mission for SRS-4804 is to improve the economic foundation for natural resource policy and management through research in the following problem areas:

  1. Forest Disturbance and Management Economics- address questions regarding the appropriate applications of management to forest ecosystems in the presence of changing disturbance regimes.
  2. Policy and Program Evaluation- Examine how policies influence resource decisions and how policy design can alter the flow of ecosystem services and affect different groups.
  3. Natural Resource Assessment and Forecasting- Define how management and policies combine with natural disturbance regimes to reshape forests and the flow of ecosystem services at broad scales.

New Publications: