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Changes at Streamside in the Southern Appalachians (August 19, 2014 on CompassLive)

Life on the Forest Floor: Woodland Herbs of Southern Appalachian Cove Forests (August 14, 2014 on CompassLive)

The Interaction of Climate Change, Fire, and Forests in the U.S. (August 12, 2014 on CompassLive)

Jennifer Knoepp Named Soil Science Society of America Fellow (July 9, 2014 on CompassLive)

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New Study Finds Lower Elevation Forests More Affected by Drought (May 22, 2014 on CompassLive)

Long-Term Response of a Forest Watershed Ecosystem (March 27, 2014 on CompassLive)

Clearcutting in the Southern Appalachians

Long-Term Response of a Forest Watershed EcosystemA new book edited by U.S. Forest Service emeritus scientist Wayne Swank and Virginia Tech professor Jack Webster and published by Oxford University Press brings together findings from more than 30 years of collaborative research by the Forest Service and the National Science Foundation (NSF) Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) program on the Coweeta Experimental Forest (Coweeta) near Otto, North Carolina. Read the full CompassLive article.

Loss of Eastern Hemlock Will Affect Forest Water Use (May 21, 2013 on CompassLive)

Coweeta Hosts Workshop on Access Road Construction

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Road Status Updates

October 17, 2014 - Construction is complete, and Ball Creek Road (NFSR 83) is now open!