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Cigarettes are Causing Fewer Wildfires, but Why?

by Sarah Farmer, Science Delivery

  The number of wildfires caused by cigarettes has fallen drastically. “Since 1980, smoking-caused wildfires fell by 90 percent,” says U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station (SRS) scientist Jeffrey Prestemon. “Until recently, little has been known about why, and other

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How do Wildfires — And Efforts to Abate Them — Affect the Nation’s Water Supplies?

by Stephanie Worley Firley, EFETAC

More than 180 million people across the United States rely on forest watersheds to store, filter, and deliver the water that flows from their taps. Unfortunately, in many parts of the country, these watershed functions face an increasing risk of

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Research Communication–and Brevity–Earn Prize for Eastern Threat Center Scientist

by Stephanie Worley Firley

“How good is the research if we can’t communicate it?” says Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center biological scientist Serra Hoagland after taking top honors at Northern Arizona University’s (NAU) 3 Minute Research Presentation Project contest. The inaugural event at

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