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The Forest Health Advisory System

by Zoё Hoyle, SRS Science Delivery Group

The U.S. Forest Service Forest Health Protection recently developed the Forest Health Advisory System, a web-based application that highlights potential future activities of more than 40 major forest pests and pathogens across 1.2 billion acres of U.S. forest land. Through

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Controlling Cogongrass

by Stephanie Worley Firley, Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center

Has cogongrass invaded your land? The first step—and the easiest—is identification. Cogongrass has some features that make it fairly easy to identify. Compared to the deep green hues of other grasses typically found in the South, the leaves of cogongrass

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Good News for Eradicating Cogongrass in the South

by Zoё Hoyle, SRS Science Delivery Group

Over the past decade, U.S. Forest Service researchers have been working with university cooperators to find some way to slow down or stop the relentless spread of cogongrass. This last fall, Auburn University researchers reported results that demonstrate, for the

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