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Drought, Fire, and Forests

by Zoё Hoyle, SRS Science Delivery

The 2015 wildfire season was the costliest on record, with about $1.71 billion spent by the Forest Service on fighting fires. During one particular week in the summer of 2015, fire-fighting cost $1.6 million per hour. Most of the fires

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Worldwide Loss of Interior Forest

by Stephanie Worley Firley, EFETAC

Between 2000 and 2012, the world lost forest area and gained forest area. But the losses exceeded the gains, according to U.S. Forest Service researchers and partners who compared tree cover data from those years and estimated a global net

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First Release in the Carolinas of New Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Predator

by Bryan Mudder, SRS Forestry Technician

On Friday last week, U.S. Forest Service scientists with the Southern Research Station and Forest Health Protection released just over 1200 Laricobius osakensis beetles on eastern hemlock trees in North and South Carolina. Reared at University of Tennessee Knoxville’s Lindsay Young

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