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Cigarettes are Causing Fewer Wildfires, but Why?

by Sarah Farmer, Science Delivery

  The number of wildfires caused by cigarettes has fallen drastically. “Since 1980, smoking-caused wildfires fell by 90 percent,” says U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station (SRS) scientist Jeffrey Prestemon. “Until recently, little has been known about why, and other

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The Future of Streams: Using Air Temperature to Model Stream Warming

by Sarah Farmer, SRS Science Delivery

Stream temperatures affect the health of aquatic animals as well as many other biological and ecological processes. However, finding out whether – or how much – streams are warming has been difficult, as long-term temperature data does not exist for many

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The Forest Family: Relationships among Tree Species

by Sarah Farmer

Like all species, forest trees have their own web of relationships among themselves. Studying these evolutionary ties is the main focus of phylogenetics, and can assist in forest health assessment. “Understanding relationships among tree species can show how they interact

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