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ForWarn Chosen for National Climate Resilience Toolkit Launched for White House

by Sarah Workman, Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center

ForWarn, the satellite-based forest disturbance monitoring system developed by the U.S. Forest Service’s Eastern Forest and Western Wildland Threat Assessment Centers was selected as one of the “top 25” tools included in the  U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit  launched on November

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One-Two Punch Slows Down the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

by Zoё Hoyle, SRS Science Delivery Group

Can combining chemical and biological treatments save eastern hemlocks from the hemlock woolly adelgid? Recently published research by U.S. Forest Service scientists and collaborators offers hope that integrated management can provide sustained protection for an iconic tree. In an article

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The Harrison Experimental Forest

by Zoё Hoyle, SRS Science Delivery Group

Located in the lower Coastal Plain in southeastern Mississippi, the Harrison Experimental Forest (Harrison) was established on the Desoto National Forest in 1934. By that time, vast stands of southern pines, mostly longleaf pine, had been cut from the estimated

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