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How Healthy Are Your Pines?

by Sarah Farmer, SRS Science Communications

Seventeen percent of the world’s industrial roundwood comes from U.S. forests – and southern pine forests are among the most productive in the country. Pine plantations in the South often anchor local and regional economies while providing ecosystem services such

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Bees and Butterflies: Celebrating the Small and Mighty

by Sarah Farmer, SRS Science Communications

Bees, beetles, butterflies, and other creatures shuttle pollen between flowers in the vital process of pollination. Without pollinators, most flowering plants would be unable to reproduce, and life as we know it would cease. The U.S. Forest Service Southern Research

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A Graduation Milestone and a Special Gift Honor a Father’s Wisdom

by Stephanie Worley Firley, EFETAC

Throughout her life, Serra Hoagland’s father has told her, “When a door opens, don’t be afraid to walk through.” Back in 2011, when Serra had just received her Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management from the University of California,

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