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Restoring the Forest Before Gypsy Moths Invade

by Sarah Farmer, Science Delivery Group

Keeping forests healthy is better than trying to restore them after droughts or insect outbreaks have already killed trees, but identifying future threats is sometimes a challenge. Not so in the Daniel Boone National Forest in the Cumberland Plateau area of Kentucky.

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Changes at Streamside in the Southern Appalachians

by Zoё Hoyle, SRS Science Delivery Group

The loss of eastern hemlock could affect water yield and storm flow from forest watersheds in the southern Appalachians, according to a new study by U.S. Forest Service scientists at the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory (Coweeta) located in Otto, North Carolina.

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Forest Health Experts Eye Hurricane Damage in North Carolina’s Coastal Forests

by Stephanie Worley Firley

For some residents of the North Carolina coast, the 2014 Independence Day weekend will be remembered not for fireworks and family cookouts, but for damage assessment and cleanup following the high winds and heavy rain that downed trees when Hurricane Arthur

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