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The Center for Integrated Forest Science (CIFS), a pioneering research program within Forest Research and Development, addresses complex questions that require science to inform natural resource management and policy decisions. Most of these questions require understanding biophysical and human dimensions, and fusing science from the natural and social sciences.

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Short-term stream water temperature observations permit rapid assessment of potential climate change impacts.
Caldwell, Peter; Segura, Catalina; Laird, Shelby Gull; Sun, Ge; McNulty, Steven G.; Sandercock, Maria; Boggs, Johnny; Vose, James M., 2015.

Complex forest dynamics indicate potential for slowing carbon accumulation in the southeastern United States.
Coulston, John W.; Wear, David N.; Vose, James M., 2015.

Functional role of the herbaceous layer in eastern deciduous forest ecosystems.
Elliott, Katherine J.; Vose, James M.; Knoepp, Jennifer D.; Clinton, Barton D.; Kloeppel, Brian D., 2015.

Simulating vegetation controls on hurricane-induced shallow landslides with a distributed ecohydrological model.
Hwang, Taehee; Band, Lawrence E.; Hales, T. C.; Miniat, Chelcy F.; Vose, James M.; Bolstad, Paul V.; Miles, Brian; Price, Katie, 2015.

The global position of the U S forest products industry.
Prestemon, Jeffrey P.; Wear, David N.; Foster, Michaela O., 2015.

Center for Integrated Forest Science (RWU-4855)

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