Publication Services

Information and resources for Station authors and cooperating authors

SRS Technical Publications

The Southern Research Station produces the following publication series:
Research Papers—Results, analyses, conclusions of formal studies or experiments
General Technical Reports—Information of a technical nature, but not an original report; proceedings, computer programs, annotated biographies, guidebooks
Research Notes—Observational information on new techniques or instruments, especially of how-to-do-it type or incidental discovery
Resource Bulletins—Economic information of permanent value on timber and other forest resources or their utilization
Resource Updates—Factsheets (e-pubs only) providing information about the status forest resources and/or their utilization (see Resource Update Guide for information on content and instructions for preparation using MS Publisher)

Publication Submission Guidelines

When preparing a manuscript for SRS Technical Publications, please refer to the Authors Checklist to ensure you submit a complete package. Incomplete packages will be returned to the author. Briefly, your package should include:

  • Manuscript Approval Sheet
  • Peer reviews (and biometrics review, if necessary)
  • Text, tables, and graphics in appropriate formats (see Authors Guide)
  • Letters of permission for copyrighted material

Resource Update Guide: We have produced a new guide to aide authors as they prepare resource guide factsheets. This guide provides important information about the content required as well as instructions for using MS Publisher to lay out the factsheet.